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Free Online Google Gdrive Storage

Hello guys, today I will tell your how to save your personal data like picture video and anyother data free of couse for life time full secure and save. Google is the big plateforum in all over the world number one in the ranking. Google search engine give us much authentic and secure apps for you. The main and famous apps of google is google search, gdrive, youtube, blogger, Gmail and Gplus etc.

How many Space provide Google Gdrive

Today we discuss only google Gdrive . Gdrive give us a 15Gb Data space which we can utilized free of course . gdrive is the full secure and save your personal data for life time . You can upload all the kinds of data which like( photos, videos and ducuments).

How many Fee yearly

Google gdrive give us opportunity to save your data free of course for life time. There are no monthly or yearly fee which you pay. Just create your google account and upload your data.

Which kinds of data we upload

Google drive provide us opportunity we can upload your own family or friends picture , videos , software and all kinds of data which you have.

Download your Gdrive data

We can download our uploaded data  from the Gdrive veryeasy all over the world. There  are one thing which your need must for using the Gdrive is internet connection .

Play and Watch online

We can play and watch our uploaded videos and photos very easy.

Share your Data

Google Gdrive give us a option which you can share your picture , videos and document very easy.

How to Use Google Gdrive full Tutorials


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