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Youtube suspended/Terminated account Big Mistake

1.      Today I tell you how to avoid suspended and terminated account of googlej/youtube.

2.      Now a days many users,friend’s mails and message recive me about youtube suspended and terminated account. So i will try to understand about this issu.

3.      There are some reason are give below:

4.      Big suspended Reason of youtube channel/account is login and using multiple accounts on on pc or Browser.  Only use one login and create some channel about different topics.

5.      Limit of uploading increase about the new policy of youtube. Only 2 video’s upload in 24 hours on one channel. If you upload much videos on youtube then youtube/google terminate or suspended you.

6.      No uploaded sexy, nude, porn, nangi, accidental,blasting video if you want to safe of suspended.

7.      Work on long term not short term . in short term you lose your hardworking.

8.      Upload your own videos of hd quality .

9.      Use attractive and hd thumbil on your video / Not show  sexy, nude, porn, nangi, accidental,blasting Scene.

10.  Attch adsense soon when you create new channel.

11.  Keep your channel Updated.

12.  If your Account show “unable to access in google product” then your Running channel on this youtube account also not visible and not login in which channel.

13.  Transfer your channel  in new gmail and save your running channel and subscriber.

14.  I also upload this method how to transfer your channel in New mail.

15.  Watch tutorials